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Visiting a Cemetery in Italy.

I had the opportunity to travel to Cremona, Italy with my husband, who was there for a work trip. As we drove back to our hotel after his meeting we passed this cemetery. I love cemeteries and it looked like an old one. How I know I married the right man? He agreed to stop and walk through the cemetery with me, knowing we had no family there.

This was one of the most beautiful cemeteries that I had ever seen and I wish all of my family could be buried someplace like this. Most of the memorials had pictures and flowers on them. How beautiful is must be to see a picture of your ancestor when vising the cemetery.

This mausoleum caught my attention by the words “disperso in Russia” Disappeared in Russia.

As I walked around this cemetery I felt the love the families had for their ancestors and their memory. This is why I love cemeteries, because we can show the love and respect for our deceased loved ones.

2 thoughts on “Visiting a Cemetery in Italy.”

  1. Interesting to see the photo portraits on the graves. I have seen this on select stones in rural cemeteries in upstate New York. Now I’m thinking it was a tradition of immigrant families from back home.

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