Genealogy Seminar and Classes


I am excited to be attending RootsTech in Salt Lake City this year. For the past several years I have watched the free live stream schedule from home. While the live stream is great I was missing classes I wanted to attend. I have learned so much from past genealogy conferences and classes.
It has been very helpful for me to read other blogs that helped me prepare for my trip and get the most out of RootsTech. I have looked at a list of the exhibitor and I have chosen my class schedule.
I am taking a lab class on You can read that writing. I am excited about this because this was one of the most intimating parts of me finding my German family. Could I really read the handwriting? I have learned how to read some of it and want to continue to learn to read more of the Old German Script.
I am also attending a My Heritage lunch. I do have a my heritage account and have family tree on my heritage and also have DNA tests on my heritage, but I have not spent much time searching and learning about there site. I can not wait to see what I am missing and how to use my heritage to benefit my research.
The German classes that I am planning on attending are:

  • The magic of German Church records. Oh how I love German Church records and the wonderful family information most of them hold. I can not wait to see what more I can learn about my family from German Church Records.
  • Finally! German Church records and how to use them on family search. I love family search and the records that are available there.
  • My ancestors are from Germany and I don’t speak German. This was such a problem for me in the beginning of my German research but guess what? Once I put away my fear and just jumped in and with some patience I found that this was something that I could do.
  • German family research in the digital era: What’s new, what’s coming up. I love to learn and what better thing to learn about than what technology is available to us to help locate our ancestors.
  • Sources and structures for successful genealogical research in Germany. I have a feeling this one is going to help a lot with the German family. When I started I had no idea how or where to research my family. It was such a struggle to learn where the records maybe located at.
  • The surname is key, History of surnames and conduction surname research in Germany. I think this is going to be a great class. I have struggled with a couple of my German surnames and if families were connected due to different spellings. I am hoping this class will clear up my confusion.

I have signed up for some general genealogy classes along with a couple on DNA. I love learning more about genealogy and feel RootsTech is the best place for me to learn.

You can learn more about RootsTech here,,

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