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The Treasure Inside Cedar Chest.

My Great-Grandparents, Harry and Minnie Skipper, owned a farm in Tonkawa, Oklahoma near the Oklahoma-Kansas border. My grandfather bought the house and when he passed away it was left to my father and his four siblings. The farm is still in the family today. You can read about Harry and Minnie here: This is… Continue reading The Treasure Inside Cedar Chest.

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Where are the Children of Stephen Dayton Gilbreath and Susan Mildred Billingsley?

This week I was researching different families and working on locating missing information. I came across the Stephen Dayton Gilbreath family and found some interesting information. Stephen Dayton Gilbreath was born 28 May 1845 in Washington, Arkansas. His father is Cyrus Granger Gilbreath (1808-1880) and mother is Sarah Jane Craig (1811-1848). I found Stephen with… Continue reading Where are the Children of Stephen Dayton Gilbreath and Susan Mildred Billingsley?

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Istha, Germany

This is the last village that I visited in Germany. This is the only village other than Kassel, that I already knew of when I started my German research. My Klapp family is from Istha and the family has been in Istha for many generations. I have also seen Klapp spelled as Clapp. So far… Continue reading Istha, Germany

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Ippinghausen, Germany

I have been working on a series of blog posts on my visit to Germany and the villages my family lived. Today I going to talk about Ippinghausen, Germany. My fourth great grandparents Heinrich Jacob and Anna Elizabeth Von Emde had two daughters, Sophie Catherine and Catherine Jabob, and both of them married in Ippinghausen.… Continue reading Ippinghausen, Germany

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Leckringhausen, Germany

I had the opportunity to visit villages in Germany where my ancestors lived. Leckringhausen, Wolfhagen, Kassel, Germany was a cute village and I was so honored to walk around and take some pictures. I have some family from Leckrighausen, my third great grandmother Sophie Jacob was born in Leckrighausen on 9 March 1936. When I… Continue reading Leckringhausen, Germany

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Zierenburg, Germany

I had the opportunity to travel again to Germany last week and this time I decided to visit the places I knew my ancestors lived. Today I am going to take you to Zierenburg, Germany. A village located in Hesse, Kassel, Wolfhagen, Germany. I will also share what I know about my ancestors that lived… Continue reading Zierenburg, Germany