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Seven Reasons Why I Love German Church Records.

There are many ways German records scared me when I first started to research my grandmother's family. Could I read the records? Where do I find them? How will I know if they are my family? All of these questions and concerns held me back when I first started researching. Instead, I focused on my… Continue reading Seven Reasons Why I Love German Church Records.

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My Family, Henschel and Sohns, Kassel Germany, and World War II

My great-grandfather worked for Henschel and Sohns, a mechanical and automotive engineering company, during WWII in Kassel Germany. August Heinrich Burghardt was born on 6 June 1899 in Kirchditmold, Hesse, Germany to Heinrich Jakob Burghardt and Maria Klapp. August Heirnrich Burghardt, with the red x, as an appretice shoemaker. On 24 December 1925 he married… Continue reading My Family, Henschel and Sohns, Kassel Germany, and World War II

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My Great-Grandfather: The Apprentice Shoemaker

August Heinrich Burghardt (my great-grandfather) was born 6 June 1899 in Kirchditmold, Kassel, Germany to Heinrich Jakob Burghardt (1867-1928) and Marie Klapp (1871-1926). August was the fifth of seven children born to his parents. Johann Heinrich Burghardt (1893-1896)Jacob Burghardt (1894-1955)Anna Burghardt (Born 1897)Emma Marie Burghardt (Born 1897)August Heinrcih BurghardtJulius Burghadt George Burghardt August Burghardt as… Continue reading My Great-Grandfather: The Apprentice Shoemaker

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Cemetery in Istha Germany.

When I first started researching my German ancestors, I tried to find cemeteries in Germany to locate my ancestors. I quickly learned that graves are only purchased for about 20-30 years in Germany. So the graves of my ancestors are no longer there. I have not learned where to find the churches or cemeteries records… Continue reading Cemetery in Istha Germany.

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Istha, Germany

This is the last village that I visited in Germany. This is the only village other than Kassel, that I already knew of when I started my German research. My Klapp family is from Istha and the family has been in Istha for many generations. I have also seen Klapp spelled as Clapp. So far… Continue reading Istha, Germany

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Ippinghausen, Germany

I have been working on a series of blog posts on my visit to Germany and the villages my family lived. Today I going to talk about Ippinghausen, Germany. My fourth great grandparents Heinrich Jacob and Anna Elizabeth Von Emde had two daughters, Sophie Catherine and Catherine Jabob, and both of them married in Ippinghausen.… Continue reading Ippinghausen, Germany

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Leckringhausen, Germany

I had the opportunity to visit villages in Germany where my ancestors lived. Leckringhausen, Wolfhagen, Kassel, Germany was a cute village and I was so honored to walk around and take some pictures. I have some family from Leckrighausen, my third great grandmother Sophie Jacob was born in Leckrighausen on 9 March 1936. When I… Continue reading Leckringhausen, Germany

German Genealogy is my favorite German genealogy site. It has Lutheran Church records and some of the records are early German Church Records. I struggled to add any information to my German Grandmother's family, you can read about my journey into German genealogy here, I learned about at a conference and signed up to… Continue reading

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Zierenburg, Germany

I had the opportunity to travel again to Germany last week and this time I decided to visit the places I knew my ancestors lived. Today I am going to take you to Zierenburg, Germany. A village located in Hesse, Kassel, Wolfhagen, Germany. I will also share what I know about my ancestors that lived… Continue reading Zierenburg, Germany

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Take Me Home, Country Road

This is a story I wanted to write about but was not sure how to put into words the experience. Growing up I was always interested in my German grandmothers, Anna Burghardt, life and what it was like to live through World War 2. I never really asked my grandmother questions and I regret that.… Continue reading Take Me Home, Country Road