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Reflections in the Pool of My Mind.

Excerpt from Small Drops of Rain by Frances T. White, edited and arrange by Jo Ann Condgen.

“I look at my hands and I think: Someday these hands will lie still and composed in death. Their work will be over and forgotten, unless———there be those who remember their touch, whether it be in anger or love.

The sights my eyes have beheld will die with me, unless———I record them for others and describe them as I have seen them.

My thoughts will die with me and no one will discern them unless——-I record them for the edification and information for others and leave them to posterity, even as others have left their thoughts before me.

My feelings will die with me, unless——–I leave a description of how i have felt about life and the world I have lived in for others to learn of, providing their minds are open to these revelations. (But I should not reveal anything that might hurt or embarrass another, for I do not wish to be unkind)

The thing that is me will be known no more unless——I leave something to be remembered by, be it small or great.

What would history be without the record of those that have lived before us and shared their thoughts and experiences with us?

I thank God, or whatever higher power there is, for such as those who have enriched my own life with a record of the lessons they have learned through being alive, aware and concerned, who had a sense of and shared it with us, that we might live a deeper and fuller life for having learned them.

All the knowledge of ages is at our fingertips, we have only to reach for it with eager and open minds. It lies not only in books, but also in the lives of those whose lives have touched ours, whatever is their situation. I have learned from the wise and famous, and also the unlearned and indifferent. I have learned to have compassion on those who have no sense of wonder that they do not even know or care how their own bodies function. Every being is worthy of consideration and each for different reasons. It is not my duty to sit in judgement of humanity. I always look for the best in everyone, if that be at all possible, and if that is not possible, to leave them to God and the laws of the land. My duty to mu fellow human beings and myself is to be kind and helpful wherever and whenever the opportunity presents itself, to ask forgiveness when it is needed. Remorse is a negative and tormenting emotion, while repentance is sweet and brings peace of mind beyond all understanding. I have known both, and it was bitter and also rewarding lesson that I learned.

From the bible: Micah 6:8-God has shown us what is good and His requirements are that we “Do justly, love, mercy, and walk humbly with God” Frances Taylor White

Frances White.

This was written by Frances Taylor White and privately published in a book titled Small Drops of Rain and was edited and arranged by Jo Ann Congdon. Small Drops of Rain is a book about Frances’s life and her memories. Frances was my first cousin twice removed. Frances was born 4 December 1910 in Perkins, Oklahoma and died 15 August 2001 in Ponca City, Oklahoma, she married Charles Richard White on 4 Jan 1930 in Ponca City OK. Charles was born 19 July 1907 in Missouri and died 1988 in Enid OK. Frances’ s is the daughter of Shannon Jethrow Taylor born 1871 in Effingham, Illinois and died 1945 in Ponca City, Oklahoma and Nora Jane Skipper born 25 January 1881 in Effingham, Illinois and died 1945 in Ponca City, Oklahoma. Nora Jane Skipper is the sister to my great grandfather, Harry Ward Skipper.

I love France’s words and the reminder that someday we will no longer be here and if we do not record our history it could be forgotten. As I have worked on my family history her stories have helped me know of my ancestors who lived before me. I will be sharing more of her story, as I hope this will help us remember Frances and the life she lived.

13 thoughts on “Reflections in the Pool of My Mind.”

    1. Thank you Aunt Linda, I have really enjoyed writing about our family and getting to know them a little better. I love these words by Frances White and love she left her memories with us.


      1. Jennifer, your writing and the efforts you invest are astonishing. All those, who just read your words and never tried any of what you are doing, will never fully understand which enormous treasure you are creating. In the first place this treasure is your personal benefit. Who has never talked to an aunt or uncle aged ~ 90 years cannot understand the great fun you experienced during such interview. Sure, all you share in your posts are also small treasures to those reading them. For me, who is a stranger to you and your family they are like some ‘unpolished’, nearly black silver coins. Because ancestry is my hobby too, I am able to immagine the shining silver which is hidden under oxidized surface patina of each coin. The results of your work as you share them here are really amazing. Well done! And congratulations


      2. Frank, Thank you so much for your very kind words. This blog is a way I can share what I learn about my ancestors and I love it and am so glad you are enjoying them. Jennifer


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