Genealogy Seminar and Classes

Local Genealogy Classes and Seminars

I love taking any opportunity to attended local genealogy classes of all kinds. I have been very lucky to live close to Denver and attend the Colorado Palatines to America Chapter German Seminars. I have also attended several local genealogy societies’ classes. I feel this is so important to help me learn more about how to research. It has come especially in handy with my German ancestors. They have been more difficult for me to find so learning where and how to search has been key.

This next week I am attending the fall seminar for the Colorado Palatines to America. Their guest speaker is Robert P. Minert. As you can imagine, as a genealogist and searching for my Germany family, when I saw he was the guest speaker I was very excited. I have several of his books and use them regularly in my research.

Colorado Palatines have a spring and fall seminar held in April and October. I have learned so much by attending them and it has helped me in so many ways. When I saw that Robert P. Minert was the guest speaker, I almost could not contain my excitement, the only thing holding me back was usually the fall seminar is the last weekend of October and my daughter was getting married that weekend. I was sure I was going to miss seeing him. Then I looked up the date and it was the first weekend in November and I would be able to attend. I am looking forward to learning more ways to research in Germany and see if I can fill in for some missing church records that were destroyed during WWII.

I am excited to learn and see how this will help with my German research. Also to see what books I might need. You can learn more about Colorado Palatines to America on their website

I love learning and finding new ways to research, I also attend genealogy conferences like RootsTech, BYU Genealogy Conference. I will write a blog next week and share what I have learned.

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  1. Jennifer, I am so impressed with your writing and the research you do. I wish Doug was here to read your blog. I feel he would be rocked by your writings. Love you.

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