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Ippinghausen, Germany

I have been working on a series of blog posts on my visit to Germany and the villages my family lived. Today I going to talk about Ippinghausen, Germany.

My fourth great grandparents Heinrich Jacob and Anna Elizabeth Von Emde had two daughters, Sophie Catherine and Catherine Jabob, and both of them married in Ippinghausen. I know very little about Heinrich and Elizabeth and their life or why their daughters married in Ippinghausen.

Confirmation record for Heinrcih Burghard, listing his parents Konrad Burghard and Sophie Jacob. This record is one that my grandmother, Anne Burghardt, had as a family record. I learned that this was a record that was produced after World War II when families were asked to bring in any information on their family.

Sophie Jacob married Konrad Burghard in Ippinghausen. I did not know who either of the parents of Konrad or Sophie was. As I started my research I located the village of Ippinghausen and both the marriage records of Catherine and Sophie Catherine Jacob.

Catherine is the only family I have found that stayed in Ippinghausen. Catherine and Ernst had 4 children all born in Ippinghausen. Sadly, Catherine died just seven days after giving birth to her last child.

I have learned that just a year after the death of his wife Catherine, Ernst did remarry. He married Margaretha Schuman on 29 April 1871 in Ippinghausen.

Sophie is my third great grandmother and moved from Ippinghausen to Kirchditmold, after her marriage to Konrad Burghard. They had six children, Jacob born 29 March 1862, Elisabeth born 13 August 1865, Gertrude born 9 April 1866, Heinrich Jakob born 26 November 1867, Jacob born 26 September 1870, and Marie Elizabeth born 10 November 1872. All of Konad and Sophie’s children were born in Kirchditmold. Both Konrad and Sophie also died in Kirchditmold.

If the church was built in 1777 my ancestors may not have used it for their weddings or baptisms. But I still felt close to them as I walked around the village. As I continue in my research hopefully I will learn more about Catherine and Sophie’s parents and their life.

I can not wait to see what more I can learn from my research of the stones and see if it will help me further my research. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have to walk where my ancestors lived. I know I have said that before but it truly was a dream come true.

6 thoughts on “Ippinghausen, Germany”

  1. Just woke up again after short nap.
    Jennifer, a fellow student & friend of mine is from Ippinghausen, Thomas Ebert. I have seen these views of the village myself ~ 30 years ago. The 2 stones with the names is a memory stone for the sons of the village who lost their lifes (as soldiers) during world war 1 and world war 2. 1 stone for each war.
    Regarding your cinfusion on your ancestors getting married in Ippinghausen, even that you reported in another blog that they were born in Lickeringhausen. It is longtime practice in German Lutheran Church that 2 or 3 small villages did/do share the same preacher, if each village was too small and to poor for paying salary/income of that preacher alone. Possible that Lickeringhausen and Ippinghausen shared preacher too. Or perhaps the church of Lickeringhausen was under refurbishment or the husbands of the 2 Jacob girls were living in Ippinghausen. And if family after marriage starts at the home of husband it is not surprising when marriages take place in the church of the husband’s parish.
    Other examples for this practice of sharing preacher are the 2 villages Singlis and Lendorf (both suburb villages of Borken in Hesse) or the 3 villages Bergfreiheit, Braunau and Odershausen (suburb villages of Bad Wildungen)



      1. I told you that I do family research for more than 30 years now. Always liked history and stories. Therefore I do know a lot of both. And as I did grow up/lived in Northern Hesse 25 years, where all your German ancesters did come from, there are a lot of stories and background information I am able to share with you.
        In case you get annoyed by my longer replies/comments you can ask me to shorten in future 😉 (polite way to say ‘Frank, shut up please)


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