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Five Brothers Serve in the Civil War.

Today I decided to blog about my Patterson family and their service in the Civil War. John T Patterson born in 1804 in North Carolina married Delilha Jackson born in 1814 in North Carolina and moved to Crockett County Tennessee. They had eleven children all born in Crockett County Tennessee. This included seven sons. Of the seven sons, I have records for five of them and their service in the Civil War. Three for the Union and two for the Confederate.

Freeman Walker Patterson was born on 28 February 1829 in Crockett County, Tennessee. He married Martha Raines on 30 November 1850 in Madison, Tennessee. He died on 28 October 1907 in Bells, Crockett County, Tennessee. Freeman was a private for the Union in the Civil War in the 10th reanimate, Tennessee Infantry, Company K.

Alexander “Zan” Patterson is my third great grandfather. He was born on January 1834 in Crockett County, Tennessee. He married Martha “Matti” Craig on 25 July 1858 in Madison, Tennessee. He died 4 January 1922 in Gadsden, Crockett County, Tennessee. Alexander served for the Union for G7, Tennessee Infantry.

Berry T. Patterson was born May 1836 in Gadsden, Crockett County, Tennessee. He died on 17 August 1923 in Gadsden, Crockett County, Tennessee. Berry never married. He is listed as single on his death record.

James Patterson was born in 1842, Crockett County, Tennessee and died 21 December 1864 in Columbus, Franklin, Ohio. James served for the confederate in Company B, 47th Tennessee Regiment. The same regiment his brother Berry served in. According to James’s Find A Grave Memorial, he died of Varioloid, defined as, a mild form of smallpox affecting people who have already had the disease, at Camp Chase Hospital in Columbus Ohio, after he was captured in Atlanta and transferred to Ohio.

Image from Fold3.

Robert Austin Patterson was born in 1841 in Crockett County, Tennessee. He married Emily Susan Norville on 30 December 1867 in Gibson, Crockett, Tennessee and died 20 April 1923 in Gadsden, Crockett County, Tennessee. Robert served for the Union as a Corporal in Company I, 9 Regiment, Tennessee Calvary. There is conflicting information on when Robert was born, He is listed as eight years old on the 1850 Census but on his headstone it says 1844. I believe his headstone may be wrong.

1850 US Census for Tennessee, Madison, Crockett, District 9. Image from ancestry. This list six of the eleven children born to John T. Patterson and Delilah Jackson. Listed is John Patterson 46 years old , Delila 36 years old, David 17 years old, Alexander 16 years old, Barry 14 years old, James 12 years old, Robert 8 years old, Kinchen 3 years old and Albert 2 years old. Also listed on the census is Sally 13 years old and Susan 11 years old. I am not sure how they are related and why they are listed after John and Delila’ s children.

Six of the eleven Patterson children lived together in Crockett County Tennessee. This picture was placed in a Crockett County Tennessee newspaper. I wanted to search to see if I could find which newspaper but as of today have not found it online. The copy below was shared with me by my great aunt Mary Lou. I am not sure where she found it at.

It has always been interesting to me, how this family was split during the civil war, having brothers serve for both sides. While I may never know how or why each one of them chose the side they did I know that they had their reasons. I would love to visit them to learn more about their choices.

11 thoughts on “Five Brothers Serve in the Civil War.”

  1. I recently discovered a family in my tree with six sons who served during the Civil War. As a mother, I can’t imagine having to worry about so many children. She lost two sons. Thank you for sharing their story. I enjoyed reading it.


  2. School lessons taught us that families were divided during the Civil War, but your family is a real life example. It would be really interesting to interview all 5 brothers and ask how they decided which side to join.


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