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RootsTech 2020

I am a little late in posting about RootsTech. This is my second year to attend. This year’s theme is to “discover the story of you”. I am so excited to attend again and learn new things. This year I am taking two writing classes to see how I can improve my skills and be a better blogger. Also attending the Family Search lunch to learn all the new things happing at Family Search

My focus this year is going to be different than last year, where I took every Germany class that I could. I do have German classes on my list but this year I am going also step back in my United States research. I am also adding more DNA classes to my schedule. I really want to learn more about how to use DNA with traditional genealogy research.

Some of the classes I am interested in this year are:

  • Quickly finding common ancestors through DNA.
  • Secrets and clues in the 1790-1840 U.S. Census
  • Old German handwriting, not as awful as you think.
  • Mama Mia, Italian research
  • Taking your blog from blah to beautiful

These are just a few of the classes I am excited to learn about. I added the Italian one because we just learned who my husband’s biological dad is and he has an Italian line. I will see what I can learn to help search this line in Italy.

I also love the vendor area and seeing all new and cool stuff. This is also where I will buy any DNA test or try new software. This is one of my favorite parts of attending conferences.

Another thing I love about RootsTech is they have a streaming schedule so if you can not attend you can still watch. They have a free live stream schedule and you can view it here: They also have one you can purchase and view more of the classes. You can learn more about that here: This virtual pass is nice because you can watch the sessions when you want to. The virtual pass is not live, and you will have to wait to view them until they have posted them but you will have access to them for one year.

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