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Are Anna Marie Elisabeth Gossmann and Marie Catherina Gossmann the same person?

Research Objective: To determine if Anna Marie Elisabeth Gossmann and Marie Catherina Gossmann are the same person. Intorduction: Maria Catherina Gossmann was born 15 July 1860 in Wehlheiden, Kassel, Hesse, Germany and she married Joseph Koch on 18 April 1882 in Welheiden, Kassel, Hesse, Germany. Anna Marie Elisabeth Gossmann was the first daughter born to… Continue reading Are Anna Marie Elisabeth Gossmann and Marie Catherina Gossmann the same person?

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Connecting to our Ancestors

Have you been researching and felt really connected to an ancestor? This is how I felt when I learned about Anna Elisabeth Brand. I have already posted a blog about Anna and her husband that you can read: Anna was born on 13 August 1865 in Kassel, Germany. According to my grandmother, she was… Continue reading Connecting to our Ancestors

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James Billingsley and Elizabeth Crabtree.

In 2015 I started the process to join the James Billingsley Chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution. I have several Revolutionary War ancestors but I had never really considered joining Daughters of the American Revolution until I found this chapter, as James Billingsley is my 7th great-grandfather. James Billingsley was born in April… Continue reading James Billingsley and Elizabeth Crabtree.

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The life of Anna Marie Klapp

Anna Marie Klapp is my third great-grandaunt. She was the first daughter born on 30 December 1830 in Istha, Germany, to Giese Klapp and Anna Elisabeth Kessler. You can read about her brothers, both named Johannes Klapp, here: Anna married Johann Georg Adolf on 23 January 1854 in Ishta, Germany. Georg was born on… Continue reading The life of Anna Marie Klapp

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Research Logs, a Useful Genealogical Tool.

Have you ever been searching a set of records thinking, have you searched these before? Have you ever run out of time mid research and had to step away only to come back and forget what you were searching for? Research logs are a useful genealogical tool to organize your search. Properly used research logs… Continue reading Research Logs, a Useful Genealogical Tool.

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My Family, Henschel and Sohns, Kassel Germany, and World War II

My great-grandfather worked for Henschel and Sohns, a mechanical and automotive engineering company, during WWII in Kassel Germany. August Heinrich Burghardt was born on 6 June 1899 in Kirchditmold, Hesse, Germany to Heinrich Jakob Burghardt and Maria Klapp. August Heirnrich Burghardt, with the red x, as an appretice shoemaker. On 24 December 1925 he married… Continue reading My Family, Henschel and Sohns, Kassel Germany, and World War II

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The Treasure Inside Cedar Chest.

My Great-Grandparents, Harry and Minnie Skipper, owned a farm in Tonkawa, Oklahoma near the Oklahoma-Kansas border. My grandfather bought the house and when he passed away it was left to my father and his four siblings. The farm is still in the family today. You can read about Harry and Minnie here: This is… Continue reading The Treasure Inside Cedar Chest.

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Martha Mozelle Patterson’s Cuban Mission

Martha Mozelle Patterson (my second great-aunt) was the first daughter but second child born to James William Patterson (1863-1933) and Jimmie Ella Smith (1868-1955). She was born on 18 January 1888 in Gadsden, Crockett, Tennessee. Sometime between 1900 and 1910 the family moved from Tennessee to Oklahoma. I have not been able to locate them… Continue reading Martha Mozelle Patterson’s Cuban Mission

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RootsTech 2020

I am a little late in posting about RootsTech. This is my second year to attend. This year's theme is to "discover the story of you". I am so excited to attend again and learn new things. This year I am taking two writing classes to see how I can improve my skills and be… Continue reading RootsTech 2020


Using DNA to Prove Biological Parents.

I have a very dear friend who was adopted at birth. She learned who her biological mother was many years ago and her biological mother told her her fathers name but that he was not interested in having a relationship. Last year my friend decided to take an ancestry DNA test. We talked about her… Continue reading Using DNA to Prove Biological Parents.