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Interviewing my Great Uncle Paul.

I am taking an introduction to family history research class with the goal to attain a degree in family history research. One of the assignments was to interview a relative about a deceased ancestor. My great uncle Paul is one of my oldest relatives that is still living. He is 91 years old and I… Continue reading Interviewing my Great Uncle Paul.

Family Stories

The Barnes Place

"In the wheat country people moved in August, after harvest, but where we lived, people moved about the first of January, after cotton harvest, and before spring plowing. On January 1, 1913 my parents moved from the east eighty of the Olson place to the Barnes place, about three-fourths mile west of us. My memories… Continue reading The Barnes Place

Family Stories

I Am Ill.

From the book Small Drops of Rain by Frances White. "When I was about two months old and about the time my father arrived, I caught whooping cough and influenza from my Uncle Harry, who, being a young fellow, went everywhere, and who brought the disease home to the rest of the children. (The poor… Continue reading I Am Ill.

Family Stories

Reflections in the Pool of My Mind.

Excerpt from Small Drops of Rain by Frances T. White, edited and arrange by Jo Ann Condgen. "I look at my hands and I think: Someday these hands will lie still and composed in death. Their work will be over and forgotten, unless---------there be those who remember their touch, whether it be in anger or… Continue reading Reflections in the Pool of My Mind.