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Zierenburg, Germany

I had the opportunity to travel again to Germany last week and this time I decided to visit the places I knew my ancestors lived. Today I am going to take you to Zierenburg, Germany. A village located in Hesse, Kassel, Wolfhagen, Germany. I will also share what I know about my ancestors that lived… Continue reading Zierenburg, Germany

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Take Me Home, Country Road

This is a story I wanted to write about but was not sure how to put into words the experience. Growing up I was always interested in my German grandmothers, Anna Burghardt, life and what it was like to live through World War 2. I never really asked my grandmother questions and I regret that… Continue reading Take Me Home, Country Road

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Wilhelm Gossmann and Anna Elizabeth Brand and their 16 children.

Wilhelm and Anna are my great grandparents from Germany. I knew nothing about my German family and when my mom and grandmother (Anne Burghardt) visited with my grandmother's sister and was given a copy of the Gossmann family book. It was filled with information. Wilhelm Gossman was born in Kassel Germany on 13 July 1862… Continue reading Wilhelm Gossmann and Anna Elizabeth Brand and their 16 children.

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Catholic Records in Hesse, Germany.

I have one line of my German ancestors that is Catholic and I was not sure how to research them. As I learned about having Lutheran Church records, I started to research how to find Catholic records and see if I could find my family. I was specifically looking for more information on my… Continue reading Catholic Records in Hesse, Germany.

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My Great Aunt Anneliese.

Recently my great Aunt Anneliese Schmitt, born Anna Marie Elizabeth Burghardt on 2 February 1926 in Kassel Germany, passed away. I never meet Anneliese in person but emailed with her for several years and loved getting to know her and learn more about my Germany family. Anneliese (Burghardt) and Wilhelm Schmitt, my great aunt and… Continue reading My Great Aunt Anneliese.

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The Death of Loved Ones.

Researching your family can be sad at times. Especially when you see what the death rate was. I have come across many families who have lost several children. One family in particular pulled at my heartstrings. Catherine Gossmann is my 3rd great-grand aunt. Her parents are Jost Heinrich Gossman and Gertrud Elisabeth Thielemann, my 4th… Continue reading The Death of Loved Ones.

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Proving Family Connections.

Most of the time proving sibling's is easy, you see a baptism record with the same parents listed and in the same town or village location, then they are likely siblings. In the United States you can prove families with census records, but in Germany I have not found any census records or anything that… Continue reading Proving Family Connections.

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After traveling to Germany for family history research, this is what I learned!

That I did not need to travel to Germany to find my Family! It has been hard for me to trace my German family and in 2017 I had the opportunity to travel to my grandmother's (Anne Burghardt) home town of Kassel, Germany. I had been researching on and off for about 10 years but… Continue reading After traveling to Germany for family history research, this is what I learned!

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My Journey into German Genealogy!

My journey into genealogy started about 12 years ago in 2007. My grandmother was born in 1928 in Hesse, Kassel Germany and I have always been fascinated with anything German and WWII. I did ask my grandmother questions and tried to find out what it was like living in German, especially during WWII. She never… Continue reading My Journey into German Genealogy!