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Richard Cohea and the War of 1812.

My 5th great grandfather Richard Cohea served in the war of 1812. Richard was born in Talbot, Maryland in 1786 and died on 4 March 1854 in Effingham, Illinois. In 1815 he married my 5th great grandmother Rodicia Rentfrow in Tennessee. When I started research my family, this was on of the easier families to… Continue reading Richard Cohea and the War of 1812.

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Istha, Germany

This is the last village that I visited in Germany. This is the only village other than Kassel, that I already knew of when I started my German research. My Klapp family is from Istha and the family has been in Istha for many generations. I have also seen Klapp spelled as Clapp. So far… Continue reading Istha, Germany

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Harry Ward Skipper and Minnie McCarta

Harry Ward and Minnie McCarta are my great grandparents. Harry Ward was born on 31 August 1892 in Mulhall, Logan, Oklahoma, just three weeks after his father George Newton Skipper ran in the 1893 Cherokee Stripe Land Ran. Minnie McCarta was born on 13 November 1888 in Louisiana. Harry Ward Skipper as a child. Harry… Continue reading Harry Ward Skipper and Minnie McCarta

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Five Brothers Serve in the Civil War.

Today I decided to blog about my Patterson family and their service in the Civil War. John T Patterson born in 1804 in North Carolina married Delilha Jackson born in 1814 in North Carolina and moved to Crockett County Tennessee. They had eleven children all born in Crockett County Tennessee. This included seven sons. Of… Continue reading Five Brothers Serve in the Civil War.

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Ippinghausen, Germany

I have been working on a series of blog posts on my visit to Germany and the villages my family lived. Today I going to talk about Ippinghausen, Germany. My fourth great grandparents Heinrich Jacob and Anna Elizabeth Von Emde had two daughters, Sophie Catherine and Catherine Jabob, and both of them married in Ippinghausen.… Continue reading Ippinghausen, Germany

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Who are Dulan Jackson Bigham’s parents?

Today I decided to write about my husband's great grandfather, Dulan Jackson Bigham. When I started researching my family, I also searched some on my husband's family. This is what I discovered about Dulan. Dulan was born 6 November 1872 in Marshall Tennessee according to his WWI draft and death record. Dulan Jackson Bigham WWI… Continue reading Who are Dulan Jackson Bigham’s parents?

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Local Genealogy Classes and Seminars

I love taking any opportunity to attended local genealogy classes of all kinds. I have been very lucky to live close to Denver and attend the Colorado Palatines to America Chapter German Seminars. I have also attended several local genealogy societies' classes. I feel this is so important to help me learn more about how… Continue reading Local Genealogy Classes and Seminars

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Leckringhausen, Germany

I had the opportunity to visit villages in Germany where my ancestors lived. Leckringhausen, Wolfhagen, Kassel, Germany was a cute village and I was so honored to walk around and take some pictures. I have some family from Leckrighausen, my third great grandmother Sophie Jacob was born in Leckrighausen on 9 March 1936. When I… Continue reading Leckringhausen, Germany

German Genealogy is my favorite German genealogy site. It has Lutheran Church records and some of the records are early German Church Records. I struggled to add any information to my German Grandmother's family, you can read about my journey into German genealogy here, I learned about at a conference and signed up to… Continue reading