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Martha Mozelle Patterson’s Cuban Mission

Martha Mozelle Patterson (my second great-aunt) was the first daughter but second child born to James William Patterson (1863-1933) and Jimmie Ella Smith (1868-1955). She was born on 18 January 1888 in Gadsden, Crockett, Tennessee. Sometime between 1900 and 1910 the family moved from Tennessee to Oklahoma. I have not been able to locate them… Continue reading Martha Mozelle Patterson’s Cuban Mission

German Genealogy

My Great-Grandfather: The Apprentice Shoemaker

August Heinrich Burghardt (my great-grandfather) was born 6 June 1899 in Kirchditmold, Kassel, Germany to Heinrich Jakob Burghardt (1867-1928) and Marie Klapp (1871-1926). August was the fifth of seven children born to his parents. Johann Heinrich Burghardt (1893-1896)Jacob Burghardt (1894-1955)Anna Burghardt (Born 1897)Emma Marie Burghardt (Born 1897)August Heinrcih BurghardtJulius Burghadt George Burghardt August Burghardt as… Continue reading My Great-Grandfather: The Apprentice Shoemaker

Family Stories, United States Genealogy

Sayings of My People

I have a book that was written by my cousin Frances White and arranged by her daughter Jo Ann Congdon called Small Drops of Rain. In this book Frances recalls her life and memories of " during the early 1900's on a poor Oklahoma Farm." I have read this book a couple of times and… Continue reading Sayings of My People

Family Stories, United States Genealogy

1893 Cherokee Strip Land Run

My second great-grandfather, George Newton Skipper, ran in the 1893 Cherokee Strip Land Run and staked a piece of land. George Newton Skipper was born on 22 July 1857 in Effingham, Illinois. His parents were John Wesley Skipper (1835-1878) and Mary Ann Chadwell (1838-1924) 1860 US Census Illinois, Effingham, Township 8 N Range 4E. Image… Continue reading 1893 Cherokee Strip Land Run

Family Stories, United States Genealogy

1794 Onslow, North Carolina will for Joseph Skipper.

I was searching on ancestry tonight and found the will for Joseph Skipper, my sixth times great-grandfather, I have not found many documents pertaining to him. As I worked on reading this will, which for the most part was easy, I found it interesting the things he left to his wife, two daughters, and one… Continue reading 1794 Onslow, North Carolina will for Joseph Skipper.

German Genealogy

Cemetery in Istha Germany.

When I first started researching my German ancestors, I tried to find cemeteries in Germany to locate my ancestors. I quickly learned that graves are only purchased for about 20-30 years in Germany. So the graves of my ancestors are no longer there. I have not learned where to find the churches or cemeteries records… Continue reading Cemetery in Istha Germany.

United States Genealogy

Mary Florence Watson and Robert Jefferson McCarta

Robert and Mary are my 2nd great-grandparents. Robert Jefferson McCarta, sometimes McCarty, was born 1 November 1852 in Catahoula Parish, Louisiana. His parents were William J. McCarta (1825-1862) and Sarah Ann Peirce (1832-1900). Robert married Ophelia E. Roberts 11 November 1873 in Louisiana. I find them in the 1880 census with Robert, O.E., a son… Continue reading Mary Florence Watson and Robert Jefferson McCarta

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RootsTech 2020

I am a little late in posting about RootsTech. This is my second year to attend. This year's theme is to "discover the story of you". I am so excited to attend again and learn new things. This year I am taking two writing classes to see how I can improve my skills and be… Continue reading RootsTech 2020


Using DNA to Prove Biological Parents.

I have a very dear friend who was adopted at birth. She learned who her biological mother was many years ago and her biological mother told her her fathers name but that he was not interested in having a relationship. Last year my friend decided to take an ancestry DNA test. We talked about her… Continue reading Using DNA to Prove Biological Parents.